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“A damn fine place near
Joshua Tree National Park

to dump your trash”

[This site is about Trash. If you don't like trash, or are offended by it in any way, please leave now.]

Question: Is it reasonable to question the hypocrisy of 'some' people who stick flags on their cars and go around saying how proud they are to be American?

Answer: Probably not, but sometimes I have to scratch my head and wonder what exactly it is they're so proud of.

The desert where we live is fast turning into a giant landfill from trash and household garbage, but everyone seems so happy and proud... “Come to the Park, let's paint another mural, have a nice day.”

Am I missing something?

Does ‘Proud to be an American’ really just mean: proud to dump my trash wherever I feel like? (It seems a little insane to me).

Personally, I don't see how anyone who contributes to this, or allows it to continue, has any right to call themselves too patriotic.

Having one “Trash Day” a year is not working and it's getting worse. But it's not a new problem because some of this trash has been here for years.

To me, it's a simple thing... making the mess is unpatriotic, clearing it up is patriotic. In fact, it's the most patriotic thing we could do... not for the whole of America, but just for this one little spot that we happen to live on...

With our scenic location next to the Park, it could be one of the most beautiful little spots on the planet if we didn’t turn it into a huge dumping ground for peoples trash.

The aim is Educational:

We aim to clean it up, keep it clean, and raise awareness by bringing it to peoples attention... and asking probing questions.

Questions such as:

— What can we do as ordinary people to stop it?

— Is anyone actually responsible for cleaning it up?

— Do we need more education?

— Do we need any new by-laws?

— Should we be responsible for our own trash up to 1 mile downwind?

— Should anyone be responsible for other peoples trash?

— Does 'Trash Day' actually cause more dumping?

— Can we turn the trash into an art piece?

— Should the City dump be free to all?

— Couldn't Citizen Patrol pick up stuff while they're out?

— What's remotely patriotic about dumping?

— What's the demographic make up for dumpers?

— Do the authorities turn a blind eye to all of this?

— Can we get some school kids to clean it up as part of a project?

— Does it really matter and are we just wrong to even notice it?

— And many more...

Even tough theological questions:

— If God is in everything, is he in the trash?

— Is it then Holy Trash?

— If God is in the dumpers, is he a dumper too?

— Can he be sued for the clean-up cost?

All joking aside:

Help is needed to clean it up and keep it clean.

1: People with time.
If anyone can devote some of their spare time to help the clean up, it would be great. Refreshments are provided and it's a good form of exercise.

2: Trucks to haul stuff away.
If people can lend vehicles to haul stuff away, or trucks with drivers, it'd help.

3: Special Equipment.
Some of this stuff is heavy and needs a crane to lift. If you can supply this type of assistance it would be helpful.

4: Gloves/Trash Bags, etc.
Apart from special equipment, we'll also need some basic stuff... like gloves, heavy duty trash bags, mini-shovels (for freeing some of this stuff from the sand).

5: Refreshments.
If you just want to help by donating refreshments that can be given to others, that would be good to.

6: Disposal.
If you have a skip or dump bin you would allow people to deposit collected trash in, so it may be collected and hauled away as part of your normal trash service, that would be a help.

Help in this clean up effort can be given and received in many ways, so don't be afraid to get involved and offer something - please.

As our great leader recently said so eloquently, “If you're not with us, you're against us.”

A Trash Walk:

Like a Wildflower Walk, or a Mural Walk, I'm planning a one hour long 'Trash Walk' and inviting anyone who is interested to come along.

If you're an elected representative, City official, TV or Radio News Station, or a Newspaper, you're invited to send your representative to document the walk. If you're one of those organizations though that prefer only to talk about the "goody goody" stuff that goes on, you might not want to bother

I did ask the question about whether it can be turned into an art piece, and some of it can be. I have attracted the interest a prominent LA Weed Folk Artist with a view to him coming out and seeing what he can create with any of it.
[See example 'Weed Art']

But, he has pointed out to me that not any trash will work and he prefers “nice trash,” so we may be out of luck there, we'll see.

These photos are just a small selection from hundreds taken while out walking. If you would like a CD ROM of the entire “Trash catalog” to date, over 300 full size 640 X 480 images, I'll be happy to send you one.
If you want to know more about the Trash Walk, e-mail here.
If you're one of those who find the sight of all this trash too depressing, go immediately to cyberspike.com/mango_cam to see some cute and lovely local critters. It'll take your mind right off the trash problem. And you have to believe me when I say there are a lot of other things I'd rather be doing than this, but if I don't bring it up, who else will?
Some comments (abbreviated) from people so far:
“Will pass this on. Thank you.”
“How about a slogan: 29 Palms: Trailer Park to the stars!”
“Very well done!”
“I Like it. I hope you get some people to pay attention to the problem.”
“Just a damn shame. Pathetic really. Sickening in actuality.”
“It is a very sad commentary.”
“Excellent work!”
“This is a great awareness project.”
For anyone not really interested in helping, or who would but are unable to for one reason or another, please consider this site...

For anyone who does want to volunteer, or offer some assistance - in whatever small way they can...