Network South East

It's so insubstantial, it swerves on the curves.

The noise of the upholstery batters the nerves.

If you were a passenger day after day

You'd pay to have somebody blow you away.

As I travel these tracks I cannot forgive

How I lose by degrees the incentive to live

Knowing that vengeance will never be mine

That's what hurts on the misery line.

Hell on Wheels with go-faster stripes.

These passengers here are the tolerant type

I'd like to see them in seven months' time

When the shatter-proof windows are splattered with slime

And they've sacked all the fellas who did the repairs

And shovelled the cheeseburgers off the chairs

From germ-free services smelling of pine

Now it's travel no-class on the misery line.

© John Cooper Clarke