Links-Schminks   [updated - April 29th, '99]

  1. . Martin Newell: A new site all about Martin Newell. Check it out.

  2. . Poetry Libary of London: I'm told this libray contains stuff by JCC and is now online.

  3. . David Fisher: Musician friend of JCC... To hear a sample of the Christmas single featuring John, go to the music section , then click on “Topsy Turvy Christmas.“

  4. . California Albums: A large supplier of still sealed and second-hand vinyl... Worth checking out for any of your JCC needs and other stuff as well. I know he currently has the Walking Back to Happiness triangular disc.

  5. Check out Glenn's musical effort featuring the lyrics of JCC. Entitled ' The Bitter End,' and in excellent quality WinAmp and MacAmp format, it's well worth a listen. (You will probably need to download a plug-in to play it). Please note it's also a hefty download.

  6. The Twonky Demon Site: That's not it's real name, but I can't help calling it that. The Twonky site is run by Magick in Birmingham and has a bunch of pages for different acts he books including JCC, John Otway, and many others.

  7. The Official Suns of Arqa site: A place to learn about Wadada and maybe get one of the albums with JCC doing some rare stuff on.

  8. The Rough Guide to Music: This site only came to our attention recently, but is a worthy addition to any links page. Literally thousands of pages about thousands of artists and bands - including JCC. You can spend a few hours checking this one out. To go straight to their JCC page, CLICK HERE

  9. The Martin Hannet site: Here's a fledgling site that was started recently to chronicle the output of the incredible Martin Hannet. I'm glad someone finally did this because it's long overdue. Maintained by William and Anna... two nice folks.

  10. The Trouser Press Guide site: Long before Trouser Press got on the net, we used some material from an old printed edition about JCC on this site (in the reviews section). Now they're up and running, it seems only fair to add a link to them, even though they never did reply to my letter requesting permission.

  11. Second Hand Vinyl: Check out some more places that have been known to stock JCC stuff.

  12. HP Bookfinding Service: I've been advised of this link and their potential ability to help people locate JCC books... If anyone has any luck, or if this proves to be a bad link, please let me know.

  13. Atilla the Stockbroker: Visit his personal site...

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