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APOLOGIES, APOLOGIES to the regular readers... As much as I'd love to spend more time on this project, I get so little info from England anymore and my old contacts disappeared that it's nigh on impossible to get up to date info so I don't update it as much as I'd like... the info below should be regarded more now as 'historical info' only... Maybe if I get my immigration problems sorted out here and get some regular updates things will change.

Jan 2001

Until I get some time to add the latest updates, I have to at least tell you about the new Renewell CD with JCC reading 'Martin Newell'. You can actually buy this new CD if you hurry... check out this link for more info


Current news is as follows... Johnny is still criss-crossing the country doing his school thing and various gigs about town... none I can announce in advance though - sorry... but, John did give his OK to the registration of that's being set up right now to include all this stuff, and a whole bunch of new updates... in the meantime, check out the first new feauture on the official JCC site... a brand new forum where everybody can post messages - respond to questions, etc... check it out.


My apologies for any lack of updates here in the last month or so, but there hasn't been that much news lately, and, as usual, I'm working my ass off on several projects. However, a couple of new poems have arrived (thanks to Colin and Cameron) which I thought I'd share right away.

The first is a poem from circa 1994 called Network South East. Check it out. This poem was first printed in The Guardian newspaper 28th July 1994. I heard from 'Tiv' as well that this poem might have originally been called The Misery Line. Whether this was just a working or title, or whether The Guardian retitled it, we may never know. We do know the railway line in question is the Southend to Fenchurch Street line and he also was filmed by Anglia TV (very imaginatively) performing it by a piece of railway track, so there is some video footage of this one out there someplace. Colin also sent me some clippings from The Guardian which I will add asap.

The second new poem sent in by Cameron was a stunner to me. It seems the Royal Mail in the UK have issued some 'Arts and Crafts' postage stamps, and printed up some nice promotional material to accompany them. On this 'promotional material' is a brand spanking new poem by John entitled Arts 'n' Crafts. Check it out.

Lastly, for now at least, check out the poster for JCC's 14th September London gig at Club Senseless.


Thanks to someone (who would probably rather I didn't name him), JCC was, how shall we say... persuaded maybe... to record something for the site - for all you out there on the web. We've been wanting the lyrics to this one for a while, so it's a plus-plus situation... check out the freshly added... “Hanging Gardens of Basildon.

As if that's not enough, thanks also go to someone else (whose name eludes me at the moment amongst a pile of a hundred e-mails), we've also been able to add two more new poems: 'The Lungs of the World' and 'These Are The Days That Matter'... I have other info on these tracks and a bunch of other updates to do and I promise to get to them just as fast as I can, but time is scarce as of late. For the purists, I did also update the lyrics to (I Married) A Monster From Outer Space by adding the first verse which JCC usually only reads live for some reason.


I'm told JCC is set to appear on the 4th April at the Poetry Olympics, Festival Hall, London... check out their web site for more info.


Updated Trivia Section | Updated Guest Book

News. JCC is set to appear on a BBC show shortly. It's called "Inside Tracks" and will be broadcast on BBC Choice (their digital channel) on February 13th AND 15th at 10:45pm.

The subject for the show is 'Anti love songs.' It features a three guest panel of JCC, Edwyn Collins, and Dot Allison, and is hosted by Sean Hughes. (Lucky for some I say).


It's been a while since I have added anything new. This is mainly because apart from a couple of gig reviews and a bunch of guest book entries, there hasn't been that much really to add... plus I've been busy with work (which has taken up too much of my time).

I am adding new gig updates when I'm notified though, so check the front page often for latest gig info. The rest of this page below is as before.


Apart from all the the stuff below, I just added a new Flash 4 animation entitled... “A Few Quickies.” To determine if you have Flash 4 installed or not, check this page first then proceed onward.

...New interview from 1989 added, plus TYIAONS video review from 1982. Thanks to David Earlham for the latter and Robert Chalmers for the former.

...New poems discovered “For Joan,“ and “National Dried And All Bran.“ Thanks to Joey Headen and Simon IanWalton respectively. And “Give Me What I Need” found in the Inde interview.

...Discography update... New Christmas single and Suns of Arqa collab...

...In the Audio Section, we now have 7 of the new Independent Newspaper UK radio ads ...thanks to Kevin Goldberg's diligence, plus some new MP3 format files of John's VH1 appearance in late 1998 sent in by Drew Radtke. Thanks guys.

...New stuff in the Misc/Trivia Section: See.. Soft Porn connection.

...New photos in the Pic Gallery ...coming soon... (haven't arrived at time of upload).

...Lots of new entries in the Guest Book.

...Links Section now contains additional links to: David Fisher's site... the guy who did the Christmas single with JCC on it, Martin Newell site, Atilla site, Poetry Library site.

Mark W. also sent in a scan of the cover for England is Mine which has been added to the Publications Section. Cheers.

There's probably more than that, but in other news... the radio show in Boston went well. I got the tape (Thanks Dan) and passed it on, and it was a fun listen... Dan said the audience reaction was really encouraging (or words to that effect).

Sadly there's only the Norwich new gig to advise you of at present, but check the front page often to see if any new dates have been added.

I also, finally, did a new look for '99 because I figured it was just time for a change... If anyone has a problem with the java, please let me know...

Remember, this site only gets better when people contribute stuff they have and know, so if you have something you can contribute, please let us all know...

If you want to receive e-mail updates of news when the site has been updated and other stuff, please e-mail here and let me know you want to be on the JCC e-mail list. Likewise, if you change your e-mail address, please let me know so I can update it. All returned e-mails with out-of-date addresses are removed at once - 8 deleted today, sorry.

Lastly, if you want to see the old archived index pages before this one, check 'em out here:
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