Bluebirds sang our favourite tune
    That scented summer's afternoon
    When the shadows vanish and the flowers swoon

    It's her sweet smile what dazzled 'em
    By the, er, Hanging Gardens of Basildon

    So long Charlene, see ya Shirl'
    I'm stronging it with an Essex girl
    One of the several wonders of the world

    Turn left at Dagenham
    For the, er, Hanging Gardens of Basildon

    The Red-Wood Forest is a bunch of sticks
    The Wall of China is just a pile of bricks
    The Pyramids mean less than nix

    It's the A-13 I travel on
    To the Hanging Gardens...

    I beg your pardon?
    I said the Hanging Gardens...
    Of Baden-Baden?
    The Hanging Gardens of Basildon

  • lyrics and recording are © john cooper clarke


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